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Creating Jobs For Rural Afghans

Saffron comes from inside the amethyst-colored saffron crocus and is so fragile, it must be hand-harvested. 🍴 The flowers are gathered as soon as they open, early in the morning. Experts carefully separate the three stigmas from 150,000 blossoms to collect a kilogram of saffron. ❤

Growing Opportunity

Hot, dry winds. Semi-arid landscape. Fragile purple blooms.

While serving in Afghanistan, 🌎 members of the US military met impoverished farmers trying to provide for their families. Back home, these veterans couldn't stop thinking about the people they'd met. 🙇‍

They had an idea. Plant saffron.

Saffron is a valuable cash crop that loves the harsh Afghanistan climate. ☀ The delicate work of harvesting it provides hard-to-find jobs for many women. That's a big deal, considering that 80% of Afghanistan's population depends on the rural agricultural economy.

Growing Opportunity
Growing Opportunity

We're proud to partner with the socially responsible supplier bringing opportunity to the farmers of Afghanistan.

What's in it for you? Delicious saffron. What else? Standards. ✌

Damn Good Flavor

Damn good for the people that grow them.

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