Investing In Growers

Investing in growers

Better Equipment For A Better Bay Leaf

Today bay leaf is collected the same way it always has been. 🖐 Wild harvested by hand, with laurel leaves from Turkey.

Investing in Growers

Families Have Long Gathered Leaves Together

What happens as young people move to cities? 👨‍🌾 The future of laurel comes into question — as well as the futures of collector communities. That's why we are providing scholarships to young women. 💵

Frontier Co-op is partnering with the world's largest laurel producer to make some exciting changes. 🤝 The key is supporting a 250-member collector cooperative in the village of Kurşunlu. Check it out:

We donated $57,000 for bay leaf dryers. Now processing jobs can remain in the community.

Investing in Growers
Investing in Growers

New driers use indirect heat, preventing smoke contamination and bringing the leaves up to our standards for use. ❤ Bonus: Richer color! Really big bonus: Lower respiratory risk for workers!

The new driers are powered by chipped laurel branches remaining after the leaves are removed. Smart? We think so.

Communities don't have to wave goodbye to their young people. We've provided scholarships to several local young women to study forestry engineering. We hope for them to return home and oversee the co-op's collection and forestry management practices. You go, girls!

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