Promoting Climate Resilience

helping farmers weather every storm

Helping Farmers Weather Every Storm

Kerala, India recently experienced a few catastrophic years of flooding, landslides and droughts. Together with PDS, 🀝 we supported an organic agricultural training program in the area. We rebuilt farms. And the entrepreneurial spirit of local farmers. πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

We're Not Going Anywhere

Changing weather can cost one of our suppliers an entire harvest. 🌱 Sucks for us. Really sucks for our farmers. We don't leave them high and dry in a drought. Or washed up after a flood. We double down to address the new reality. Together. πŸ™Œ

If we left communities to deal with climate setbacks on their own, we'd run out of growers. Plus, it just wouldn't be nice. And we're effing nice.

So what does sticking around look like? πŸ‘€Great question. Looks like you're the sticking around type, too.

helping farmers weather every storm
helping farmers weather every storm

We Never Cut & Run

We work with partners like Peermade Development Society Organic Spices (PDS) to care for the land and the people who've farmed it for generations. 🌿

We invest in agricultural training programs that focus on rebuilding farms and sharing creative solutions. Farmers learn from each other. Find technical support. Create more confident communities. These are a few ways.

The land? Restored. Sons and daughters ready to walk away from family farms? Not anymore.

Bringing you true, unadulterated botanicals. 🌱Then standing by the people who grow them, come hell or high water. That's our recipe for a seriously tasty way of doing business. ✌

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