Putting People Before Profit

caring for the rock star of flavor

Caring For the Rock Star of Flavor

Vanilla may seem like a common flavor, but the good stuff is rare. 🍽 Less than 1% of the vanilla flavoring used today comes from actual vanilla orchids. That's why we work closely with our farmers to create big, bountiful crops, season after season. ❤

Caring for the rockstar of the family

Vanilla That's Far From Ordinary

Ugandan vanilla beans produce a very high amount of vanillin. That makes it damn tasty. 👅 And tasty's what we're all about.

To keep bringing you true vanilla, we put people over profits.😁 Vanilla prices have been all over the place, making it tough for growers to run steady operations and keep up with training. 📗

caring for the rockstar of flavor
caring for the rockstar of flavor

How We Keep Quality Constant, Season After Season

We bring in stability. Stand by our growers through the ups and downs. Help farming families thrive.

Here's how we keep Mother Nature, ☀ farmers and customers happy:

Damn Good Flavor

Damn good for the people that grow them.

Ugandan Vanilla Extract

Ugandan Vanilla Extract