Working Side By Side

treating farmers like family

Treating Farmers Like Family

We helped one of our growing partners in India purchase 💰 a pepper mill to process spices on site. Their value as partners increased. Their quality expertise grew. They became even more badass. 💁‍♀

We're Not Just Placing An Order Here

We're all about the long view. Bringing you damn good spices takes planning ahead. And lots of teamwork. 🤝

Working closely with our farmers to share our expertise = everyone's a winner! Spices flourish year after year. Farms scale up and become more stable. Entire communities can count on more good jobs. The only downside? 🤔 Yeah. No downside.

Want numbers? ✅ We got 'em. As Frontier Co-op has grown, our partner Peermade Development Society has grown too — from supporting 50 farming families to more than 3,000 households today. 🙌

treating farmers like family
treating farmers like family

Farming With A Future

We've worked with the PDS team to train farmers how to handle spices with the best of them. And we've helped provide the food processing and safety equipment they need to take their farms to the next level. 💯

Damn Good Recipes